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    Own-to-Get NFT

    by LUCIAN

    LUCIAN SOULS is an NFT Project with the story of your conquest of the demon world by leading a crew of monsters, gaining souls, and defeating the vicious Chaos Devil Dragon. This will come to an ending.
    Note that this is an NFT project that is not a game but a game-like experience.
  • Monsters

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    Fascinating monsters drawn by a popular pixel artist. They evolve and change their appearance by crossing their own kind and burning Souls.
  • How to



    Summon Monsters

    By burning a Summoning gem and two Souls, you can summon any of three types of monsters.

    You can obtain the Summoning gem by burning 50 Souls or you can purchase them at the Open Sea.


    Get Treasure Box

    Every Friday for 12 weeks, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM UTC, a snapshot of your monsters and other NFTs will be taken to determine the number of treasure chests you can claim. Treasure Chests are filled with Souls and sword crafting materials.

    There are three types of chests: red, green, and blue; Demon gets red, Dragon gets green, and Degen gets blue.

    The amount of chests you get depends on the number and grade of monsters you possess.


    Monster grade 1 gets 1 chest, grade 2 gets 5 chests, and grade 3 gets 25 chests.


    Addition, MANEKI holders will receive purple chests as bonus if you own one or more monsters.


    Raising Monsters

    Use the Soul obtained from loot boxes to get Summoning Gems to increase the number of monsters you have, or multiply monsters of the same kind to make them evolve.


    The first evolution requires 100 Souls and the second requires 500 Souls. And, The first evolution is released in the second week, and the second evolution in the sixth week.


    Defeat Chaos Devil Dragon

    Twelve weeks later, the Chaos Devil Dragon will finally appear and confront you. Craft the strongest sword and pour all your Souls into it to defeat him.


    Get New NFT Collection

    Those who defeat the Chaos Devil Dragon by inflicting more damage will receive a chance for new collection of NFTs.

    Good luck to all the warriors of the demon world!

  • Chaos Devil Dragon is waiting for you...
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  • LUCIAN NFT Collections

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    Limited supply. Many MANEKI holders-only raffles are being conducted.

    Also gives Treasure Chest bonus.

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    This is GameFi Collection that you get Soul NFT by owning and evolving monsters.

  • Team

    Thanks for finding us!

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    Crypto investor. Currently active in GameFi and also an ambassador and advisor for several Projects.

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    Crypto researcher & marketer. Ambassador of Magically.

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    Monster Creator

    Famous pixel artist in Japan. He is working on the pixel art for Phi.

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